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From your desktop, tablet or iPhone®, write and send a
professional mailed greeting card to your contacts.

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GratzieCard is a completely online service.

You create greeting cards from our website or app, and we'll print and mail them out the next business day.

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Choose from hundreds of quality images or upload your own photos, artwork and graphics. See a sample gallery here!

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GratzieCard Tour

GratzieCard is the premier online custom greeting card service. From your desktop, tablet or iPhone, write and send a mailed greeting card to your contacts…

How it Works: Account Set-up

GratzieCard set-up is a one-time, one-minute process. Choose a business or personal account and enter your contact info to be included on the envelope…

How it Works: Sending a Card

Learn to customize your card with gallery-quality images, realistic handwriting fonts, ink colors and contact info, including your realistic signature…

Step-By-Step Guide

1Create your account

To get started, use to quickly create an account. It takes just one minute to open your business or personal account and customize your contact information.

2Upload your logo.

Represent your business by uploading a company logo. GratzieCard users with the same email domain will also be matched to the logo. It’s easy to get your whole team involved.

3Choose or upload an image.

Choose from a selection of professional gallery-quality photos, organized by theme. For total customization, upload your own photos, graphics or artwork to resonate with your contacts.

4Write your message.

Write a highly-personalized message, down to your choice of ink color and male or female hand-writing fonts. Look your best and forget embarrassing scratch-outs, misspellings and hard-to-read penmanship.

5Include your signature.

Write your real signature using a black permanent pen on white paper. Then, take a photo and upload it to Gratzie. Now you can choose to include your photo-realistic signature on every card you send.

6Send or schedule.

Review your card and click send to have it printed and mailed out the next business day. Or, choose to schedule your send date for one to multiple cards at a time. Total flexibility.

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