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Sales Managers and Professionals

Studies have shown that making a personal connection is the first, essential step in closing new business. Use GratzieCard greeting cards after a great call with a prospect; following a trade show; before a scheduled appointment or visit; as a reminder of services; to the hard-to-close lead. Learn what your customer likes, reference an event or tap into their interests. Show you’re thinking of them and they’ll think of you.

Marketing Professionals

Event deadlines, important announcements, product launches and keeping your brand front-and-center are just a few items on a marketer’s plate. Make things less chaotic and more timely with GratzieCard’s reliable, next-day turnaround. Upload your own contact lists to invite guests to the latest trade show, or send thank you cards with your company’s logo and images. Use your marketing creativity and Gratzie to meet your communication needs.

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Real Estate Professionals

What better way to follow-up with visitors to your open house than with a personalized card? We’ve made it easy to quickly send dozens of cards after your open house events, keeping in touch with your key prospects. Also, as friendly reminders or congratulatory notes to recent homebuyers, GratzieCard is a sure way to help you gain referrals.

Insurance Professionals

If you’re a 1099 independent agent of a large network or company, it’s still all about your relationships with clients and prospects. Enrollments, renewals, follow-ups – Gratziecard is perfect for any business engagement. We can set-up an entire company with different billing options and also link the company logos to the entire network of agents.

Job Seekers

After every interview or resume submission, you need to make a genuine, lasting impression. GratzieCard gives you an elegant, classy and professional way to touch base with your potential employer without the hang-ups of poor penmanship or a generic, store-bought thank you card.

Artists and Photographers

You’re the master of your craft, but are you reaching out to supporters and potential buyers in the best way possible? With GratzieCard, you have the option to feature your own artwork or photography on beautifully printed cards for true customization. Send cards to invite guests to your next exhibit, thank buyers and admirers, or feature special pieces and collections.

Museums and Arts Organizations

Whether it’s for corporate sponsors, follow-ups to new members, or invitations to special events, GratzieCard is ideal for personally connecting with your community. Our high quality cards represent your brand and make a statement. Plus, our non-profit discount makes the cards even more affordable. For development, marketing and sponsorship, add this memorable outreach tool to simplify your efforts.


Personally invite guests and key community members to view the latest exhibits – and draw guests in by showing a photo preview of each collection! Use GratzieCard for gallery openings, post-event thank yous, or to simply reach out to patrons of the arts. Make a better impression on your audience year-round with picturesque, customized messages.


Maintaining your personal relationships takes effort, but GratzieCard makes the act of remembering your favorite people easy and stress-free. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, friendships, milestones, holidays, graduations and anything imaginable with greeting cards and thoughtful thank you cards. Upload your own images or artwork to take customization to the next level. Show your loved ones you’re thinking of them and make an ordinary day a special one.

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